Terms & Conditions

When you make a Booking you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

The Lodge Managers may make changes to booked rooms at their discretion as they endeavor to fit all booked parties into suitable rooms. If you have booked a Private Room you will be sure of receiving a Private Room.
Bookings are confirmed on payment.

Bookings are subject to availabilityand should be made using the Online Booking System.
School and Large Group Bookings should be made using the Booking Enquiry Form 
Bookings are confirmed on payment in full.

School and Large Group bookings and payments are by arrangement. The Terms and Conditions for large groups will be provided with the invoice.


Your booking is confirmed on payment in full within 48 hours of booking.
Pre-season - an email will be sent to you requesting you pay within 48 hours using the link provided.
During the season - your credit card will be charged using the details provided at the time of booking.

Any outstanding accounts must be settled before 10am on the day of departure by VISA, MasterCard or EftPos payment.



Cancellation within 48 hours of scheduled check in time (4pm).
No refunds.
Cancellation within 2 - 7days of scheduled check in time (3pm)
The cost of cancellation will be 60% of the full booking value, subject to a $25 minimum cancellation charge
Cancellation within 8 - 14 days of scheduled check in time (3pm).
The cost of cancellation will be 40% of the full booking value, subject to $25 minimum cancellation charge
All  other cancellations incur a booking fee of 10% of the full booking value, subject to $25 minimum cancellation charge.
In exceptional circumstances the PHSC Committee will consider any refunds outside the parameters of these conditions, on receipt of a written request within 30 days. The Committees decision is full and final.

Refunds will be given;
- if the Lodge closes for any reason.
- for any day where access before 6pm via the State Highway is not legally possible (road closure).

The Lodge will close if the ski field closes for the season. The PHSC Committee reserves the right to close the Lodge at their discretion.


Your party will agree to: 
-do no harm to the facilities provided, nor the surrounding environment.
-be considerate of others and do not bring tobacco, illicit drugs, lighters or chewing gum in the Lodge.
-not bring anyone under four years of age inside and ensure a parent or guardian is booked with any persons under 18 years of age
-follow the direction of the Lodge Managers. Failure to do so may result in eviction without refund


Porters alpine lodge

Porters Alpine Lodge is now owned by the Porters Ski Area. The management couple who have taken on operating the lodge this season (Peter & Jeanette) have more than 3 decades of hospitality experience behind them. They offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere for you to wind down after a day on the slopes. Porters Alpine Lodge offers a full liquor licence so you can now relax by the potbelly enjoying local craft beers, a glass of wine or a hot toddy. They also offer a full a La Carte menu of snacks, meals and homemade pizza.

address-icon.jpg Porters Alpine Lodge is located just off Porters ski access road off State Highway 73.

pobox-icon.jpg PO Box 2473, Christchurch

phone-icon.jpg (03) 318 4011 (June - September)

phone-icon.jpg (03) 318 4731 (Porters Ski Area Office)

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